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We have been asked what units are relative to betting on sports.

Units are a term used by sports handicappers used to record and prove the actual amount of money won or lost relative to their win/loss record. Here's an example:

Let's say a pro handicapper states that he is 60-25 for +61.5 units on the season. Let's assume that he's calling a unit a $115 bet to win $100 on each game. At the standard -115 betting odds, he's more or less saying that he's won 60 games (60 x $100=$6000.00) and lost 25 (25 x -115= -$2875.00)

It would seem as simple as subtracting $2875 from $6000 to figure out the profit made, but the unit measurement is +61.5.  Since his unit is $115 and he's up 61.5 units, this would state that he is beating the book for $6,150.00 (61.5 x $100 won at -115 odds) on the season.

Don't be confused though, a unit doesn't have to be $115. If your a small bettor which MANY are, your unit may be $23 with your bets risking $23 (at -115 odds) to win $20. In that case, you would be up 61.5 x $20 = $1,230.00

Remember -115 is only the average bet in this specific example and every bet has different odds:

-500 odds implies a $23 bettor to risk $115 (23x5) to win $23 (an expected to win favorite)

+500 odds implies a $23 bettor to risk $23 to win $115 (23x5 - a massive underdog)