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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do you guys do?

We analyze and predict MMA fights using a unit system. This is how we keep track of overall profit from our picks. Although no one can predict the future and be 100% right all the time, we have a system that works and keeps our accuracy percentage high.

How do you guarantee profit?

Units are explained under our Accuracy dropdown menu.

Ask yourself, "How much money can I afford to wager?" And not just for any particular card, but as a whole. It may vary from time to time but on average, how much disposable income can you afford to lose? Whatever number you come up with we will call your "bankroll." We use a unit system in place of currency where 1 unit

For example, let's say you have $1,000 at any given time to just take down to the race track. Most would call you crazy to just bet it all on one horse and they are right (win or lose) if that is your entire bankroll. Sure you could win with some luck, but eventually that luck would run out if you continued to go all in and let it ride.

Nobody likes to lose, but what's worse than losing? Losing your entire bankroll and having to start over or even worse, losing money you couldn't afford to wager to begin with.

Fast forward to where you are now- Here on our website ready to make some money!

It is very important for us to be consistent with our betting picks. When we used to guarantee more winners than losers, many purchased only once and gave up. In order to make a long-term profit, you have to build it up little by little. Some cards will be far more profitable than others, but step by step we will get there. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day.

We are so confident you will profit from us that we guarantee positive units (profit) or we will give you the next card at no cost.

How does the checkout process work?

Payments are done through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay, just a credit card. Currency accepted is USD. If you live in another country, your currency will convert to the USD.

After purchase you will get a confirmation email. At some point after that fight's weigh in and 2+ hours (guaranteed) before the first prelim, the picks and info will be posted. Purchasers are immediately notified by email with a special link containing all the information they purchased. If you choose to purchase after the 2 hour deadline, the info will be available for instant download.

I ordered but only received a confirmation from PayPal. What gives?

It is absolutely essential to make sure this email does not show up under your spam filter. You can lower your spam filter by searching google for your specific email provider. Also as a precaution, be sure to add the following emails to your contact list:

This is our support email that will forward to both of us:


This is where your unique link for downloading picks is delivered from:


Some Cox.net and Verizon.net users are reporting no emails, not even in their archive or spam folders. This is because these providers block a list of IP addresses where fetchapp delivers emails from. If this is you, contact us right away at our support email above so we can resolve this matter using your PayPal Transaction ID and Email address with the URL below.


Why are you charging money for this when you used to do it for free?

We know many people on YouTube are looking for free information which is why we chose that platform. To be perfectly clear, ALL of our info is still posted on youtube FREE of charge. The difference is our Exclusive Bet Selections are only available before the fight for a small affordable fee. It will be posted FREE to the public on our YouTube channel post fight.

We started out wanting to take our hobby of predicting MMA to the next level. We had our own success already from our picks and we wanted to help others by sharing our advice and tips. For the first 11 months, we did it free just to see where it would go. Turns out there are a lot of people making big money from our picks. As time went on, it was getting harder and harder to keep up the momentum we started out with due to scheduling conflicts, our day jobs and personal life. It was getting to the point where people were relying on us for their profits. We weren't making anything extra for our time (contributed to sharing information) that motivated us to keep at it. We love helping everyone out, but it came to the point where time is money.

We have this website to maintain with our documented material, as well as social media platforms to stay updated on. We have had offers from online sports betting websites who would give us a commission on losses for everyone we got to sign up with them. Obviously we ignored those as we would quickly ruin our credibility.

So we came up with a win win situation. Our charge per event service is similar to what you may find from a handicapper at a horse racetrack. Only ours comes with a money back twist: We guarantee profit. If we do not make you a profit per card, we will give you picks for the next card at no charge. We aren't here to tell you we will always be right, it's just not going to always happen. We are all about providing you with the RIGHT picks and making YOU money. Terms

When will you guys post your next video?

We will post breakdown videos of announced bouts as they become available. These will be free for viewers and subscribers on YouTube. Exclusive Bet Selections will be available following a card's weigh in and no later than 2 hours prior to the first prelim for that specific event. After the fights they are also posted free on YouTube.

Why are you posting the Exclusive Bet Selections so close to the event? We want our information sooner!

"Locking Picks" too soon can cause them to be inaccurate. Although we sometimes release an early play to get the best line, most fights aren't settled with our units until after the weighins. We don't want anyone to see a pick early though, and think that is it for the card. Always check back to make sure we have confirmed that bets are final. If we post a pick early, that play is locked in and will not be altered following the weighin.

Why are some of your videos more professional looking than others?

You might have noticed our post weigh-in videos aren't as great quality because of turn around time for editing. Whenever you watch a well edited video, it usually takes hours and days to produce them. We have under 24 hours (after weighing and before prelims) to get you the information you paid for so you can get the best price tag for specific fighters. There is a capture, convert, edit, export and upload time that we can bypass this way. The content in these videos are far more important and time sensitive than taking more time to making it visually stunning. It won't always be this way as we are constantly looking to improve everywhere.

What's up with your Podcast?

Another option for you to download our media. Post fight, we upload audio formats for all of our full card breakdowns. We are hoping to add other content to our podcast as soon as we can get more time free on our schedules

Still have questions?