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UFC Fight Night 99 & 100

Do you like to bet on UFC fights?  If you've ever bet MMA you are in the right place!
Welcome to mma DAWGS!  Your source for mma betting done right.  Our historical archive covers our documented track records and full card video breakdowns.  Our advice will help teach you to develop the good habits and break the bad ones.  Before each event, you'll login to your sports bookie to bet online or you can throw down physical cash for vegas betting at their sports books.  If you have questions, feel free to browse through our FAQ section or you can contact us through our contact page.  Get ready cash in on those winning bets and make some serious money!

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Here you can let others know of your successful experience with us.

No one does it better than mma dawgs, period. They consistently deliver solid analysis at a bargain price. I've been successful in Vegas for 25 years and can tell you that Hector's money management is the key to financial longevity, and the dollars saved just from staying off bad plays has repaid me a hundred times over. I'd be crazy NOT to buy their service, and so would you. Keep this train rolling! This year I've for the most part stuck with Hector and Dan's recommendations, especially with regard to the money management aspect: I've consistently made back the price tag MANY times over. Let these guys do the research and pay close attention to ALL the analysis, because when I hear something contrary to my thinking it often means I've overlooked something. This is why I keep coming back to mma dawgs. A lot of people can pick winners, but only the sharp guys avoid the bear traps.

- Chuck H.

Hi, I am thankful I found this site with Hector and Dan. They take their job very seriously. The 1st time and I made a 600 USD profit, Thanks guys!

- Julio A.

I used to always bet on my favorite fighter until I found Hector and Dan. Now I can bet without emotion and I’m withdrawing money from my bankroll instead of refilling it.

- Will K.

At first I thought why should I pay them when others are doing it for free? I quickly realized why. Hector and Dan take mma betting to the next level. They keep an organized track record on their website and document every pick and its rating. Any serious bettor would take advice from them.

- Andy A.

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